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AutoCAD 2023 makes it even easier to draw and review. The new Review Assistant makes your drawings more efficient by showing possible problems in your current drawings. Watch video: 1:15 min.Liner objects such as lines, arcs, and closed curves can now be imported directly from your device’s drawing software into your AutoCAD drawings. As a result, you can use devices and other software like Excel or Visio to communicate with AutoCAD. Watch video: 3:30 min.Command Line or ConsoleThanks to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and the Advanced Compute Environment (ACE) on Windows, you can now run command-line programs directly from AutoCAD. This is a major step toward integrating AutoCAD into the Cloud. Watch video: 1:50 min.Print directly from your drawings and comments: Use the Graphics Export Utility (GEXU) to export PDFs and other formats that you can send to other AutoCAD users or use other programs. Watch video: 1:05 min.Connect directly to the Cloud: You can now upload and edit your drawings from the Cloud. You can also automatically open your files based on file extensions or by naming conventions (watch video: 2:25 min.)Improved connectivity: You can now search for contacts by name or email address. And it’s easier to publish web pages directly from within AutoCAD. Watch video: 1:45 min.Data Management in the Cloud:The new Multi-User License agreement (MULA) allows you to work with multiple users and publish to the cloud simultaneously. This service only applies to 2D and 3D drawings. Watch video: 2:12 min.Multi-User License Agreement (MULA) is a cloud-based service that allows you to work with multiple users and publish to the cloud simultaneously. Watch video: 2:22 min.You can now customize your metadata (ex. build number, release date, and other information) for all your files and publish to the cloud. Watch video: 1:30 min.Comment Retrieval:The new Comment Retrieval feature adds more ways to search and navigate your comments. You can now search comments by type (comments vs. drawings), time, or by user. Watch video: 2:22 min.You 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Win/Mac] [Updated]

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